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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
3:09 pm
Carthage Black Rqadio PPlay: Socks again for Christmas, I suppose . . .
Quarrelsome Godessess fighting over my Socks and Shoes . . .
Nike! Athena! You're Acting like a Pair of Squabbling Washerwomen!

ATLAS (squeaked)

Current Mood: undiminished
3:09 pm
Melbourne Arrests - French Riots - War On Terror
What if they're Role-Playing?

With Scary PROPSerties?


Jay Superfluous
His Grace The Duke Of Melbourne

(you will Note there is no R in this Hardy-Ha-HArrr).

Current Mood: undiminished
Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
10:44 am
Carthage Black Radio: Love And Insect Kisses, or, Asking A Goth For Directions . . .
. . . a telephone is ringing . . .

"Lev! I am NOT a Submissive!
I am merely Deeply Honorable!"
LEV: "{MerelyDeeply}?"
JAY NOVA: "No! . . . I'm just . . . Polite!"
JAY SUPERFLUOUS: " When I was Young, I thought as an IntroVert. Then, when I became Jay Nova, I played the ExtroVert, which made me an AmbiVert. You're an OmniVert, LEV - You're Worse Than A PerVert! But I think I'm turning into a RecursiVert . . . Get me Out of this!"
LEV: "Too Late!"
JAY: "So you ARE a Goth! Got You! You Bastard!"

hard sharp serrated F I N

LEV LAFAYETTE of MIMESIS performed by ANTHONY ANDERSON (not his real name)
JAY SUPERFLUOUS of MIMESIS performed by J. L. T. Patterson of A&E.
the Rare & Elusive Recursi-Vert (c)left MIMESIS

WE control the VERTICAL
YOU control the HORIZONTAL

Jay Superfluous


Current Mood: undimimished
Friday, October 7th, 2005
10:21 am
A Carthage Black Radio Play: Opportunity Knox
Carthage Black Radio Play: Role-Playing Career Opportunities

as we begin Set on Record

(thought voiceover fading in) . . . that's what it is. I Need to be Given an Opportunity . . .
(switch to Past Tense as Playback synchronizes without Recording. The Playback voice is world-weary, Older. Think of Harrison Ford's voice-overs: they sound really crap and dead. Though the BladeRunner voiceover was Meant to be like that . . .)
. . . that's what it was. I needed to be given an Opportunity.

Jay: "I need an Opportunity!"
Lev: "I'll give you an Opportunity. An Opportunity To Kiss My Arse!"
Jay: "Aha!"
LEV is now Revealed. He is Playing . . .
Jay "The Osculum Infame!"
. . . the
Jay: "You are -" Devil's
"- the Devil!" Advocate!
Jay: "You want me to Kiss your Arse and Pledge my Allegiance to Satan!"
Lev: "~"

JAY responds by becoming ALEISTER CROWLEY. How do YOU pronounce "Crowley"?

&: {inscrutably yet amusedly emits qualified acceptance of the inevitable pissing contest that is now bound to occur}

Jay unbecomes Aleister Crowley. He decides not to mention that he was ever Crowley in the first place.

Jay: "Hope, my Arse!" (the reference is to the Sandman comic, which Jay used to Borrow from Lev, and Read, back when it was first coming out in individual-issue form. In the Issue in Question, Morpheus is Duelling Choronzoan, a Demon, in Hell, for the Return of his Helmet: they're having a Role-Playing Contest: I am This, then You are That, etc, etc, getting Bigger and Bigger. You may know the Issue we Mean: far, far too many of you have read Sandman, which is by Neil Gaiman. Personally, I prefer Warren Ellis's "Transmetropolitan" (I think this isn't the Warren Ellis in the Dirty Three who works with Nick Cave, and the Bad Seeds, and has just been working on the new Western movie "The Proposition"). The other Direct Competitor in that Particular Comics-&-Graphic-Novels Triumvirate is the guy who wrote "The Invisibles", "The Filth", and the last I saw him (not that I've ever seen him, just his Work) was working on the "X-Men", which is Not As Good, 'cos Now he's doing Cover Versions, Continuing Someone Else's Concept, which is Less Original, and Suspiciously Mercenary, for My taste. Will Lev be able to follow Jay's Train Of Thought? It's unclear whether he's even heard of Warren Ellis, or the Invisibles guy . . . whose Name I can't Remember [ERROR: INSUFFICIENT RESOURCES])

&: {makes aware of - by implication - the Rich Presence of the Rare Triangle}
(this one is for the biographers, really, in some senses it's a really nasty move. The reference is to Jay's advert in Peril Underground for a Rich Triangle Player for his Imaginary Goth Band. That's an awful lot of Sarcasm for a Plant)

&, a PLANT, becomes Visible on Stage. Clearly the Lighting has changed. The Lights have moved - but have the Goalposts?

Lev: "What?"

(there is a Hiatus)

Jay: "Well, Lev, now we know how to Deal With The Devil And Defeat Him In Detail, don't we? Well Played, DePluscochon! Well Played, Monsieur Marquis!"

Lev & Jay (unison): "Death To The French!" (snickers) "'Cheese-eating surrender monkeys!'"

Lev becomes CAPTAIN KIRK. Jay, after flickering into brief life as the KLINGON FLASHMAN, becomes MR. SPOCK.

Jay: "You do realise, Captain, that now we have to find 98 more rabbits at the Convention to play up Warren Ellis' bottom? Do you still have that copy of "Bunnies & Burrows"?"
Lev: "Oh, yes. As for Mr. Ellis . . . Tell him that it will Improve his Fiddling."


Current Mood: Scary - Deadly - Funny
Thursday, October 6th, 2005
9:13 am
The Dialogues Of Prometheus: On Corners
If it's a Good Thing to be On Side, and it's a Good Thing to be On Point, and it's {certainly} a Good Thing to be On The Square, then why is a a Bad Thing to be On Edge?

I'm usually Pretty Edgy. It goes with Staying Sharp, which is Achieved through Pointiness.

After all, one wouldn't want to be both Superfluous and Pointless, would one? And certainly there are some of you who could do with having more of a Point to you. Get rid of those damn Boots, why don't you! You look like your Feet are drapped in giant Lego Bricks . . . you Know who I'm talking about, Don't You?

Oh, Draped-&-Trapped, focus, please, it's Obvious. 'Drapped' is Drapped-and-Trapped. In Giant Lego Bricks.

But I Digress. We were talking about Corners.

A Square has Four Corners. A Triangle, Three. A Cube, Eight. A Sphere - or a Blob - none.

So exactly how BIG is a CORNER?

Getting Trapped in a Corner is a Bad Thing, so they say. "He fought like a Cornered Rat". Well, that obviously wasn't Good Enough, otherwise the person who said that wouldn't have been here to tell us about it.

I like Rats. "Rats are Well F'rocious" (though actually that quote's about Cats). Rats are Working-Class, unlike White Mice, who are Middle-Class, White, Bourgeois, and Collaborationist Scum. Even DangerMouse. DangerMouse works for the Government, you know. He's not a Cool Spy. He's an Agent of the Secret Police. Do you Really think he's on Your Side?

A Parallelogram has Four Corners, of Two Sizes. Two Corners of One Size, Two Corners of the Other Size.

A Parallelopiped has Eight Corners, of _ Sizes if Regular (square base), of _ Sizes if Irregular (rectangular base).

Parallelopipeds are Cool. I Like Parallelopipeds. Bipeds are ParallelopiPedestrian. I am a Biped, but Only when I Can't Find Anywhere To Sit. Place Me On a ParallelopiPedestal, why don't you? At the Podium of a ParallelopiPulpit . . . & Preach . . .

Preacher Mollusc! (cue the Nephs)

A Six-Sided-Dice-That-Is-Not-A-Cube has Five Corners: the First Two Corners have One Size, the Second Three Corners have Another Size; the First Two Corners are Opposite Corners. Each Face Is An Equilateral Triangle. All Faces Are Of Equal Size And Shape. Another Kind Of Six-Sided Dice! Pass me my Plastics Extruder!

Shit. I wish I could Draw. PenguinSteve! Why aren't you WORKING!? DysFunctionalPenguinSteve . . .

There was a Band called the Brilliant Corners, which is an Excellent Band Name, 'cos it's both Shiny & Pointy, and More of Both. 'Brilliant' is, I Think, both Luminous & Sparkly (though I could be Wrong). Luminous as in Luminous Paint: glows in the Dark 'cos the Paint is Radioactive, which means that some or all of alpha-particles, Beta-particles, &/or gamma-rays the Luminous Substance emits is {somehow} {releasing/cascading} {causing} the production of Photons in the Visible Spectrum, details, details: the Important part (BandName-wise) is that you can't be Luminous without having Substance; thus you have Style that CONTAINS actual SUBSTANCE. Style without Substance is empty. Substance without Style is boring. "Let them eat Flavour!" (with apologies to Public Enemy). Style that GUARANTEES Substance is REAL. One must PROVE that there-exists the REAL before one may move on to what is COMPLEX.

Curiously, I've never actually Heard the Brilliant Corners. Good Band Name, though. I must have a Listen, the next time someone Gives me a Lend of their Internet.

What would you rather work in . . . Flavour Science? or Food Science? . . . or, indeed, Texture Science. Drink Science is part of Food Science . . . but I'm sure there's work there for Suckers, as well as for Straw Technicians, and for both Garglers and Gurglers. Hang out at the Staff Canteen and meet a Gaggle of Giggling Gargle Girls and Gurgle Girls. Brewing and Distilling is part of Drink Science: so that part of the Canteen would Certainly be on Licensed Premises; so pick the Right Moment, and you'd find a Drunken Gaggle of Giggling Gargle Girls and Gurgle Girls. Goggle at the Spectacle! Where do you Find such a Place? Google the Gaggle of Giggling Gargle Girls and Gurgle Girls. Add Drunken to Taste. You may need Goggles of your Own. I'm Sure there would be Staff Discounts . . .

And the Name of this Establishment should be "The Duke Of Melbourne". Well, that's what I would call it. Great name for a Pub. Carthage Black Radio playing continuously, when we're not Sharing Events with the likes of Cabaret Nocturne or Carmilla's. SnakeBite&Black in multiple variations, with Dry Ice to drop it into Proper Pint Glasses. Overproof Captain Morgan Rum for the BoilerMaker Variant. Merrydown Cider. Strongbow on Draught. Chemical refreshment from Piracetam to Thionite and beyond - Navigation by the Gradients Of Bliss. The Whole Premise Protected by being Inside a Triply Nested Diplomatic Bag from Three Nations With Opposing Foreign Policies, Each A Separate Opposite To Both: Strategies Against Arachnitecture such that there exists Necessary & Sufficient Protection & No More. & The Truth, the Whole Truth, & Nothing But The Truth, & The Imagination, Resources, & Organization To Add To It >< "Structure As (NOT 'is') The Enemy Of Memory".

"This is Liberty Hall. You can Spit on the Mat, and call the Cat a Bastard."

Corner the Information Market (Hi, Pache!) and the Market has Cornered You . . .

In a Room, on the Rim, in a Ring . . . with Two Corners . . .

7:17 AM 10/5/2005

Oh dear. I do hope I haven't Painted Myself Into A Corner . . .
Lucky I was using Numinous Paint!

Jay Superfluous
His Grace The Duke Of Melbourne
is a Mollusc in the South Seas. How sexy is that?

Next Time: The Dialogues Of Prometheus: On Corn

If you Grow, Make, Invent Corn - are you a Corner?
You'd be aMaized . . .
Corns On Your Feet
First Corntact?
Cornfetti in the Air?
Making Coin From Corn.
Cor(o)nial Inquests. The Role Of The Cor(o)ner. The Rule Of The Corona. Cor(o)Nation.
Pros & Corns.
i/o : i.e. : A E I O U & Y


Current Mood: My mouth hurts . . .
Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
2:34 pm
The Dialogues Of Prometheus: The Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (Microsoft) Paradigm
The Dialogues Of Prometheus: The Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (Microsoft) Paradigm: A Design For Life

(11) Make yourself Happy
(12) Try to make everyone else Happy
(13) Make yourself Safe
(14) Try to make everyone else Safe
(15) When you can no longer make everyone else Happy &/or Safe GOTO

(21) Make yourself Sneezy . . .
etc, etc, etc . . .

(31) . . . (41) . . . (51) . . . (61) . . . (71) . . .

NOTES: Making yourself Doc is difficult and dangerous, 'cos Doc is a Wish-Doctor. As for Snow White, the best advice I can give you is Not to Think of a Rhinoceros. What are you, some kind of f***ing Child Molestor?

Here's to Life, Liberty, And the Pursuit of Sneeziness! . . . .

Current Mood: flatulent
Monday, August 22nd, 2005
1:58 pm
RPG/Wargame/Book/Film idea
the Man From Russia has some ideas about 1925


We start by Unionizing the Goldfields.
The problem there is Supply. In order words, Feeding the Strikers.
The Aboriginal peoples can Live off the Land in that area.
We have to reconcile the two competing groups, hunters and miners.
The Union leaders will be Party Members.
We offer Party Membership to the Aboriginal Elders.
The Union enforces the protection and respect of Sacred Sites.
And the protection of Aboriginal women.
We form a Prostitutes' ("Seamstresses") Union from "fallen women" of the cities, and "tour" them through the Goldfields and elsewhere. They too are encouraged towards Party membership, and directed towards the Standing Women's Commitee, an all-female body where Secret Women's Business may be discussed.
Travelling shearers, travelling agitators under the cover of travelling salesmen roam the grazing and cattle-rearing areas of the wide land spreading the Meme of Land Distribution. Not like there are many smallholders in Australia, just big fat f***ing absentee landlord farmers.
We tar and feather the missionaries. These people must be driven across the land! The buggers (literally in many cases). At least. Except for any nascent Liberation Theologists (we invent Liberation Theology). Isolated Sheep Stations owned by the Rich Exploiters are burned by Masked Raiders who appear and disappear mysteriously in the night. The country police forces cannot travel in units of less than a platoon without fear of attack and attack by tribesmen who know every inch of the land and WW1 Veterans who know exactly where to site a Maxim gun. Rebel checkpoints appear intermittently on interstate roads "redistributing the wealth" of those judged to be carrying "luxury" goods. They all answer to the name "Robin" . . . Our party is not called a "Communist" party. In deliberate contrast to the Australian National Party, our party is called the APP, the Australian Peoples' Party . . .

Doctors and Teachers. Literacy. Health. Solidarity. Aboriginal and Convict History. Political Education. Technological Innovation.
The Man From Russia is given an Aboriginal Tribal Name - at least one. It is (naturally) secret, so he takes the name "Jack Kimberley" as one that is quintessentially Australian, and associated with the Party's (and the Movement's) first great success. The French accent is gone by now. The Australian drawl, and Australian tan, have replaced it.

1928. The Great Depression. The General Strike. The Australian Mutiny. The Australian Peoples' Party rises - there will never be a better moment than this! The cities are seized by Vetran party members in a (moderately) bloodless coup d'etat. Some argue for show trials of the exploiters, followed by execution. This does not happen. Instead, the capitalists and their lackeys are expelled from the continent. By sea. On what is left of the ships of the First Fleet.

And the Empire, despite the failure of the postwar invasion of Soviet Russia, the Empire comes.

The whole British Empire.

But can they trust white troops to fight white Australians? They'd send sepoys first, Indians and Gurkhas. The Kiwis and the Maoris, they'd be with us if it was done right. The Americans? We'd sell this as an Australian Revolution - Marx would not be mentioned. (Secret Motto of the Australian Peoples' Party: "Marx Must Not Be Mentioned"). "Mate" as a prefix instead of "Comrade". The Japanese? They were already high-tech, and they needed resources . . . a "devil's bargain?" The Japanese Imperial Navy? Forget Russia for direct help, they're too far away . . . Recruit Giant Killer Penguins from the Mountains Of Madness? (no, sorry, I'll stop). Airships. Land Battleships. Armoured Camelry. Insurgent Paratroop Brigades. Making Reading To Be The Vietcong In Northern Australia. Scorching The Bush To Starve The English.

The Empire is coming. And NOW the game begins . . .

What d'you reckon, then, Pop Kids?

Jay Superfluous
serious megalomanic
who wants to role-play leaders and generals for a change

Current Mood: playful
Friday, August 19th, 2005
2:03 pm
Carthage Black Radio: The Dialogues Of Prometheus: On Foresight
"Can it be KILLED?"
"NO. No, it can't be KILLED."
"Can it be CONTAINED?"
"NO. No, it can't be CONTAINED?"
"Can it be REASONED WITH?"
"NO. Not after you tried to KILL and CONTAIN it."

Current Mood: autosocratic
Monday, August 15th, 2005
10:18 am
Carthage Black Radio Play #2
SCENE: a Schroedinger's Box inside an n-dimensional Faraday Cage. The BOARDROOM of MIMESIS, 2021.

Lev: I call this meeting to order. Are we quorate?
Jay: Some of us aren't even chordate.
Peter: I object to the phrase "tentacular monstrosity".
Jay: Better than that TESTICULAR MONSTROSITY over there (motions towards Lev). And, Peter, you have eight TENTACLES (pause). And they're all FEEDING TENTACLES, aren't they?
Peter: Not true! This one is for holding my MOBILE PHONE (gestures with PHONE).
Jay: Why is your mobile phone made of CHOCOLATE?
Peter: Because I CAN. Now be QUIET, you SINGING CAN OF SPAM.
Jay: Be quiet yourself, you POLYMORPHOUS BLIMP.
Lev: We're all pretty polymorphous here.
Jay: Ha! & and I are PRETTY. YOU LOT are merely POLYMORPHOUS.
Lev: What's that sparking between your antennae?
Jay: Ecstatic electricity {bzzzt} OH! AAAH! ARROOOGAH!
Lev: There's a time and a place . . .
&: {emits amused phosphorescence}
Lev: You shouldn't smoke in here. It's a bad habit.
Jay: No, it's a DEGENERATE habit. And I'm PROUD to be a DEGENERATE.
Peter: You seem to have become a REGENERATE too. Your ANTENNAE are already growing back . . .
Lev: What's that new appendage growing out of your neck, Peter?
Peter: Auxiliary feeding tube. So I don't talk with my mouth full.
Jay: It's a FUNNEL, isn't it? A FUNNEL with TASTE BUDS.
Lev: SHUT UP! And take that Zulu Death Mask off.
Jay: I can't, it's ingrown.
Lev: They have operations for that.
Jay: Sorry. My HAEMORRHOIDS are chafing . . .
(fade to black)

Next: A Portrait Of The Haemorrhoid As A Rapidly Evolving New Limb.

Current Mood: artistic
10:15 am
Carthage Black Radio: The Dialogues Of Prometheus
Lev: "No, you're not."
&: {emits amused phosphorescence}
Saturday, August 13th, 2005
1:52 pm
Carthage Black Radio: ZuluDeathMask Protocols: Assimilator Paradigm

prepare to be assimilated

F I N A L W A R N I N G !

ZuluDeathMask Protocols:

If you have any REQUESTS . . .
. . . TALK to the DEATH MASK.

If you have any REQUIREMENTS . . .
. . . SPEAK to the DEATH MASK.

If you're looking for CURSES . . .
. . . COME to the DEATH MASK.




EACH ONE of YOU to DANCE . . .

. . . to DANCE like a WITCHDOCTOR . . .




"Zulu Death Mask!"


Current Mood: megalomaniacal
Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
8:04 pm
"Who the fuck am I?"
"So YOU're the famous JAY SUPERFLUOUS, eh?"

"Famous? If you SAY so, I SUPPOSE."

"So what do YOU do, then?"


"There CAN'T be a LOT of MONEY in THAT."


"So what ELSE do you DO?"



"I'm an AMATEUR. And a GENTLEMAN. I'm looking to get into the REAL OLYMPICS."


"YOU know. THe one where only AMATEURS are ALLOWED."

"So, what's your EVENT?"


(brief pause as Gob is Smacked. Don't worry, it's ONLY his REGULAR SMACKING.)

"It's a TEAM game, ROLLERBALL: you know THAT, don't you?"

"Yeah, I THINK so."

"So, what TEAM are you ON."

"Well, my FATHER was SCOTTISH, my MOTHER WAS SOUTH AFRICAN, I'm a BRITISH CITIZEN, a CITIZEN of the UNITED KINGDOM, and a PERMANENT RESIDENT of AUSTRALIA. And my GRANDFATHER may have been a ZULU, and my GRANDMOTHER - my MOTHER'S MOTHER - May have been JEWISH. There's FRENCH HUGUENOT on my mother's side, too. But myn OLDEST ancestor was COUNT TYRRELL of Poix, 1086, who was a NORMAN, came in as part of the CONQUEST, and after THAT the TYRRELLS became ENGLISH. In any case, what makes you think that the TEAMS are limited are COUNTRIES, or NATIONS, or STATES, or TRIBES. or FAMILIES, or any such {THING}?"

(brief pause)

"So, what COLOUR do you PLAY IN?"


"What SHADE of RED is THAT?"

"The REDDEST one."

"What do you MEAN?"

"Ahh . . . this is the "Wine-Dark Sea" paradigm. When Homer was DESCRIBING the SEA, he DESCRIBED the SEA as WINE-DARK. I'd call the COLOUR of the SEA as Blue, or GREY, or GREEN. There's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING RED about it, is there?"

"No, you're RIGHT. I wonder why that is?"

"Some believe that there were ONLY TWO COLOURS in those days. "WINE-DARK" and "NOT WINE-DARK". Personally I reckon that COLOUR is a LEARNED RESPONSE, in the same way that MUSIC is a LEARNED RESPONSE. "There IS no ME. There is ONLY LANGUAGE." Well, nowadays we have THREE PRIMARY COLOURS. YELLOW, RED, & BLUE, out of which you can MAKE all the REST. I DISAGREE STRONGLY with THAT. What COLOUR is a MIRROR? I want to SPECIATE REDNESS into TWO DIFFERENT REDS, the way that BLUE-GREEN and RED turned into TWO SEPARATE COLOURS. The one I'm TRYING to DISCOVER (or CREATE, or INVENT, or CLASSIFY) I call {UNDIVIDED RED}. I get to say how {UNDIVIDED RED} anything is. I DON'T get to say how RED anything is, of course. COLOURS belong to EVERYBODY. Would YOU want to PRIVATISE COLORS? When I SUCCEED in my ATTEMPT to ADD a FOURTH COLOUR, I will have to VERY CAREFUL to RELEASE THE COLOURS. The FOURTH COLOR will NOT be a PAY COLOUR. The FOURTH COLOUR will be FREE TO AIR. The FOURTH COLOUR will NOT transmit ADVERTISEMENTS. I'd like the RELEASE the FOURTH COLOUR on Australia's ABC and BRITAIN'S BBC networks, SIMULTANEOUSLY (AND SYNCHRONOUSLY, AND, of course, SUPERFLUOUSLY). As well as anyone else who can meet up with the same NOT-FOR-PROFIT specifications."

"Shit. Will we even SEE you competing, then."

"I hope so. Look for the guy carrying an \/ {OLYMPIC TORCH}
smoking a /\ {CIGARETTE}."

Jay Superfluous
His Grace The Duke Of Melbourne
Professor Of Transparency At The Invisible College

for Strategies Against Arachnitecture

Current Mood: creative
Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
1:52 pm
Kiss-Kiss/Bang-Bang (DJ Poll)
Well. Midday Sunday, and I'm at Brad's (Nadine's Housesetter's) in Richmond, with an hour or so to Casually Mutilate before I set off to Posh East Melbourne to my weekly Mimesize.

Last night was "the tits", I must say. Several folk remarked "Jay - you look uncharacteristically . . . Cheerful!". As you know, I have "good days and bad months"{ . . . well, this was definitely one of the "good days". I haven't, well, "cracked a smile" for, it seems, ages . . . THANK YOU PVCboy! All Hail our Maximum Leader! Certainly the best club night I've had for billgatesing YEARS . . . And the Massed Assembled Pop Kids look like they Agreeed . . . "OFFICIAL! roared the mob.

The People accepted New Music . . . like Thirsty Persons in a (doubtlessly deeply existential) Desert.(Needless to say, I need not Mention the Names of Those thus Prove4n Wrong).

The place was a tad un-full for My set, but that's the luck of the draw, I guess. For anyone who Didn't Vote (particularly those who Promised To Vote, but were Too Christsforeskinning Slack) here's a Link that will Lead you to the Virtual Voting Booth. AS I have mentioned to at least some latecomers, {ZuluDeathMask} will be Placing a Curse of Elephantiasis on those who {he} feels are Less Than Sufficiently Reverant.


Vote early and vote often, Emergent Comrades,

Jay Superfluous
a. k. a. DJ {ZuluDeathMask}
Friday, July 1st, 2005
4:17 pm
"Dead And Barbied! . ."
Well, here I am trying to upload the promised New Files to this Saturday's DJing.
Unfortunately I was unlucky in my PVCboy's Draw for Position - I'm on First, from
10PM to 11.30. In case anyone missed the First Public Warning, it's Kiss Kiss Bang
Bang, it's on this Saturday, starting at 10 PM, at Retro, at 383 Lonsdale Street, in
the City, and it's Free, and there are Giveaways, and it's Chock-A-Block with New
DeathRock, and Emergent Goth from Me.

I've been looking at Other Clubs' Playlists abroad to try and catch up from six
months plus Not Looking Very Hard For New Music. Comes of having No Internet Access
Or Generous Sociable Friends To Sponge Off, I suppose. Anyway, main Source tody is a
club from the UK called "Dead And Buried", who recently Promoted the same Compilation
PVCboy is Promoting this weekend: I suspect this is the club that may have inspired

Except if I'd created an Australian version "Dead & Buried" I would have called it
"Dead & Barbied" . . .

Anyway, New Downloads are Available at Yahoo! Group (DJs) ZuluDeathMask: go Here:


So what have I put in your pocketses to Prepare you for my Set? (And this Match, 'cos
apparently it's to be a "DJ Competition", though I doubt I'll get many Votes
performing this early). Well:-

The Screaming Banshee Aircrew - "Retrograde Trajectories" from the new album,
"Fishnet Messiah". All good Banshee Aircrew songs are Annoyingly Self-Referential -
much like me - and this is no exception . . .

Tragic Black - "Surreal Catharsis". Fast, energetic, even a bit metallic. PVCboy
claims this is Quite Neph-y, but I beg to differ . . . This is one of the tracks on
the Compilation (and Giveaway) we're Promoting this KKBB . . . every DJ has to play
at least two of the tracks on the Compilation, which is no hardship: there are a few
good things on there . . .

The Ghost Of Lemora - "To The Gods That Walk Among Us". Another from the Compilation.
Nice and Big, in the Big Sound sound of Big: also the Lovecraftian sense of "ye
Vasst, Surpassing, Bigg-ness . . .(slither, slither) . . ."

The Fall - "Hey! Luciani". Can't let this DJ slot go by without Commenting on the
Pope, now can we - "Christsforeskin! Christsforeskin!" - sorry, burst of blasphemous
Tourette's there, hope no-one here's Excessively Catholic . . . Here's a Mark E.
Smith special on the appointment of the last Pope, and his short-lived predecessor
JP1 . . ."Hey! Luciani! A Pop Star's in your Cell! Hey! Luciani! A Polish Son of
Hell!" . . . Ah, they don't write 'em like that any more . . . And finally . . .

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - "Driving Black". The best of the "Four New Tracks" they
released last year over the Internet to try and ?earn enough ?create enough
interest to release an album. It's a New Lorries Track, people: what more do you need
to know?

See you there, Pop Kids, and remember:


Jay Superfluous

(preparing to {get into character/invite possession})

Current Mood: rushed, & not a a good way...
Friday, June 10th, 2005
3:53 pm
You scored as Existentialism. Your life is guided by the concept of Existentialism: You choose the meaning and purpose of your life.

�Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.�

�It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.�

--Jean-Paul Sartre

�It is man's natural sickness to believe that he possesses the Truth.�

--Blaise Pascal

More info at Arocoun's Wikipedia User Page...








Justice (Fairness)






Strong Egoism




Divine Command


What philosophy do you follow? (v1.03)
created with QuizFarm.com

Good quiz. Not sure I agree with the results. I'm a Promethean, dammit! Don't they have any future-oriented philosophies in stock any more?

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3:17 pm
You need someone loyal.
People have let you down since forever and you have always been left by yourself. Your life spark is now barely flickering and there is a big feeling of emptiness and hopelessness. You don't know what to do anymore in your life and everything has a sense of meaningless to it. Though you're not only sad, you also carry hate and many grudges on people. You have a hard time letting people in, but with your history you don't even desire that so much anymore. What Do You Need in Your Life? [dark pics]
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Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
4:51 pm
Schröedl-ing & Beyond. A Herd of rAntelope.


Ah well. Think of this as a Cryptographic Problem, Pop Kids. Re-create my Proper Format, and you get to Read All The Multiple Layers Of Textual Meaning etc etc . . .                                                                       
    eat  AI          orgasm   lay             texture  moaning        eat  eat  eat . . . . .   Everything below Here   \/

"The way Outside the BalloonSleeve is through the wHole that you Make when you Burst the Balloon . . ."

way Outside the Wire is u wHO'll Make Pop! . . . ?"


Apfel Schröedl . . .

Flags. The "Jolly Schröedl". The Schröedl Tarot. The N-Dimensional Font. 3-D Picting, Live! Fact & Piction. Picticious Characters.Fulp Piction. Paction.

The DarklyGlasses. Properties: Magnifying; Telescoping; Microscoping;

Every Sideways Tomorrow. Navigating By The Direction Of Your Pain.

Navigating By The Direction Of Your Existential Dread.

by the Production of your Existential Dread.

Producers. Directors. Writers. Performers. "Control", Word, & Image. "Nova Express". The Koran. "The Anatomy Of Power". "Games People Play".

Producing your Credentials. The Quiller Mission Revisited.

The Guitarist. The Bassist. The Visualist. The Olefactorialist. The Proprioceptionist. The Rationalist. The (?Systems/?&?) Analyst. The "Drummer".

The "Lead Singer (Whoo! Wrapped In Black . . .") [Amphetamine Promise, copyleft 2005, or when & whenever it ever gets finished . . .]

Draped In Red . . . .")

Washed In Grey . . . .")

? what do Rations have to do with Reason,anyway? It's almost as Confusing as "Property" in a Physics as opposed to an Economics sense. "Dismal"!

"It's not ABOUT the RATS. It's about the RATIOCINATION." (T-shirt for Lev. 2 sides, Front and Back).

Confusing. Refusing. Defusing. Prefusing. The ParaTime (Pre/De)Fusilleers . . . "The Game Of Blood And Dust" . . .

"Mr. Cartoon is a Surgeon. And he's also a Cartoon, so he can be too Big to Fit Inside Himself . . ."

And he can also be a Sturgeon for extra Surrealist cred. PenguinSteve? Perhaps after you finish the FourthWiseMonkey? . . . .

I can picture him better already . . .

Why does this Christsforeskinning Font not have Superscript and Subscript, Torvald damn it!

What would Ultrascript be like? 3-D {MultipleChoice/Multiverse} Property?

FONT is to FOiNT as PINT is to Po!NT? as in "Mine's a Po!NT of SnakeBite&Black . . ." (The "P" is plosive, like spitting it out when you say it).

MultiVerse -> MultiChorus? MultiBridge? MultiIntro? MultiSolo? MultiCoda? MultiFadeOut?

God's Porridge Problem Redefined . . .

"Would God Create a Plate of Porridge too Large for him to be Able to Eat?"

The "traditional" answer: ". . . he Would Not." (Luther? Aquinas? Anyone know this?).

The Superfluous answer: ". . . he Did. And Here We Are . . ." (Of course, it is Inherently Wrong to Capitalise "not"),

Capital Letters. What's the word for uncapitalised, lower case letters? Oh, dear, the Vagueness is coming upon me again, I can feel my Brain beginning to fail me. If only I could still afford the dollar-a-day for Piracetam and Hydergine . . . let alone the extortionate prices for Vasopressin or Desmopressin. Whine.





Does Capitalism come from the same Root as Capital Letters? (in which case, it's a Dud Root for sure!)

What would Commun(?+al) Letters be like? Or, indeed, Terror(?+/-ism?+/-al) Letters. Though I guess there are one or two: © & ® for starters . . .


Memo to Self: Finish Alternative Ampersand using Windows XP Private Character Editor (Notes

To open Private Character Editor, click Start, and then click Run. In the Open box, type eudcedit.

For information about using Private Character Editor, click the Help menu in Private Character Editor.)

Suggestion to self: try and delegate this to PengunSteve as well, since he can actually Draw. Or Terry, if he can ever finish anything . . .

"I would Storm the Walls of Heaven if I Found Them . . . Why would Heaven have Walls?"








"When we Lost the War, The Last One To Parachute Out Of Heaven . . ."

Hmm. Has anyone ever seen my Drum Machine - "Mr. Cartoon", after the Sisters' "Dr. Avalanche" - has anyone ever seen my Drum Machine and God together at the Same Time?

highly height

This is deeply suspicious . . . depth

widely width

broadly breadth

longly length six foot long in a pine box.

your only way out is in

As for YOU, Jamie Morpheus, I still consider you an Integral Component of Mr. Cartoon. He'll never be able to pass a Turing Test without you being Properly Reinstalled. Your enforced Holiday has been Appropriately Imposed "Gardening Leave" for, as I'm sure you'll recall, Failure To Meet Your Self-Imposed Deadline Despite Repeated Promises Of Completion By The Due Date. Hah! Bet you don't put that on your CV, you, you, you Keyboard Player! You should consider yourself Lucky: James Brown wouldn't merely have Fined YOU. He would have SHOT YOU. REPEATEDLY.

(For those of you who might Sympathise with the Pencil-Necked Electro-Goth in Question: all he had to do was Write an Amiga Program (from scratch) to Sample and Sequence Drums, Bass, and Vocals for us in time for the Gig in question. Basically, just add Digital Sampling to the MIDI Sequencing we already had. We gave him a whole month, and he assured us that'd be plenty of time. Plenty of time to . . . well, to Write Cubase. On an Amiga. In One Month. In 1991. How hard could it have been? I mean, really . . . . ? We had to cancel the gig . . .)

Your Ten Years Of Exile is Up, James old chap. You may Begin by Investigating the following two Patents: 6,729,337 and 6,536,440, which have apparently been granted to Sony (ref: Atomic Computing Issue 53, June 05, www.atomicmpc.com.au) for a theory (a f***ing theory, mind you, not a widget, gadget, waldo, or any other kind of thing it would be in any way proper to Patent or Own . . . not even "The Wheel (TM)", but "The Idea Of The Wheel (TM)": wankers, utter, utter irredeemable wankers) . . . a theory "describing a system that can generate sensory information and output it directly onto the human neural cortex . . . to successfully achieve the virtual experience via neurological sensory stimulation." Using ultrasound.

I don't need to tell you what the consequences will be it such a technique is used first for advertising, propaganda, or any other kind of communication-for-advantage-as-opposed-to-communication-for-the-achievement-of-further-understanding, do I? Imagine if the First Use of, say, Perspective in the Visual Arts, or, say Surrealism, or, say again, the Motion Picture was as Advertising or Propaganda. In WWI the French started using Cubism as a Camouflage Technique for their Artillery (much to Picasso's, and others' Disgust) - but at least by then people Knew what it Was. The only way to Memetically Innoculate the Pop Kids is for such a Technique to be used First in Art. Because Art (as opposed to Entertainment) is typically not generated as communication-for-advantage, but as communication-for-the-achievement-of-further-understanding (Jurgen Habermas, right Lev?). That's sort of the whole point of Art, isn't it?

Amphetamine Promise (&+{Strategies Against Arachnitecture}) needs this technology now, James. In the Name of the People! Make It So . . .

We know you're a Houyhnhnm, Morpheus, because of your Silence. "Houyhnhnms must be Bridled and Saddled", remember? Remember also that, while I have used the Spurs in the past, with no lasting Ill Effects, I have never yet needed to Apply the Whip, and I'm unlikely to start now . . . We will give you all the {Fragrant-Promise-Of-Carrots} you could possibly wish for, I guarantee it: just let me get Back in the Stirrups and I'm sure you'll soon find yourself with the Bit Between Your Teeth once again . . .

Tobias! Have you had any Thoughts vis-a-vis the Shining Trapezohedron? What if we install two unsychnochronized strobes, rotating clockwise and counterclockwise respectively (clockfoolish?) Inside the Mechanism? Same Size as the Mirror Ball, Partially or Intermittently Transparent? Programmable? I agree we won't be able to built the production models entirely out of Palladium: but then, my original idea was for one giant molecule of tailored-trace-impurities buckminsterfullerite: by comparison what I''m asking you is easy . . .

Hope your Rellos as better, by the way (that's what we call our Ancestors here, Rellos. So if you had a brother who broke all his bones in a motorcycle accident, you'd have a Jello Rello. Probably from Dubbo. They have some great places names over here, mostly translations in thousands of Aboriginal languages of the likes of "your finger, you fool" . . .

Alternatives to the Fully-Posable-Collectable-Action-Figure-Horror I mentioned in my last Broadcast . . .

Faction Man! Take sides, damn you! Everybody's doing it . . .

Red Army Faction Man! Japanese Faction Man: with plain Kimono; nerve gas Cylinder; wispy unconvincing Beard; & Cult Disciples (sold separately).

TransAction Man! Besuited Capitalist or "Democratic" Politician: with Briefcase & Umbrella, or Laptop; Mobile Phone; & Flag. (All suits indistinguishable).

InAction Man! Goth, ex-Goth or Gen(eric) Xer: with Couch; TV; GameBox (generic); Fridge; Milk Crate (TM), Piercing (one only); & Litany Of Complaints.

Yes! Couch included!

Hacktion Man! Pencil-Necked Geek or Fat Boy with Trendy Haircut; Posy Earring; Crazed Expression; Computer Tower; Keyboard; 3 Monitors; & Pizza Box.

Lact(at)ion Man! Boy, with Breasts (adjustable): 3 Wigs; LBD; SleazyLingerie (TM); Pole; Restraints; "Extras". Will fit Barbie accessories. (NOT A DOLL).

GirlOnGirlaction Man! NonDescript ThirtySomething: with 2 Dehumanized Bimbos (TM); Pole; SleazyLingerie (TM); & Hegemony-Of-The-Male-Gaze (TM).

QuAction Man! Medical or Scientific Professional: with White Coat; Stethoscope or Test-Tubes; Secretary/PA (sold separately); & Pet/Patient/Experiment.

Unction Man! Clerical, Sociological or Academic Professional: comes with NGO (TM); Holy Book or Credentials; Pulpit; Parallelopipedal Podium, or SoapBox; & either Cult Disciples or Prosetelyzers (sold separately) (figures identical). Suitable for Receptive Impressionable Audience (TM).

ExtremeUnctionMan! Clerical, Sociological ex-Goth or Gen(eric) Xer: comes with Holy Book or Test-Tubes; Acoustic Guitar; Conspiracy Theory or Millenarian Fervour (TM) (accessory discontinued); Pulpit or Parallelopipedal Podium; Hidden Agenda (TM); 1 Dehumanized Bimbo (TM); & Cult Disciples (sold separately).

SACtion Man! Field Grade Military or Police Staff Officer: with Peaked Cap; Erect Posture; Broad Shoulders; Steely Glare (TM); & Command Presence (TM).

NSAction Man! Figure Withdrawn [WE SUPPORT OUR ARMED FORCES. REMEMBER 9/11. SUPPORT THE WAR ON TERROR] & Hidden Agenda (TM).

NCIS/CSI/SAS/VIP-TV-PI-EVP-action Man! Investigative Professional: with Penetrating Gaze (TM), Police Procedure (TM), Quirky Sidekick (TM) (sold separately) or Quirky Sidekicks Team (formerly sold as KillTeamGo!) (sold separately: includes QuActionMan with Dissection Table; InActionQuActionHacktionLact(at)ion Man with Goth Wig & Unrealistic Computer; Hacktion Man with Dorky modification (not anatomically correct); Dehumanized Bimbo (TM) with District Attorney modification; and Quirky Sidekick (TM) with either Amusing Sexist Attitude (TM), and Ethnicity (TM) (may be applied to any primary Action Figure) or Chutzpah ;or either HeartStringTugging-Disability modification or Spunky-Youth-With-Tattoos Modification and Trendy Haircut. May also come with British SOH (TM) (may be applied to any primary Action Figure) in some States or Territories).

Suitable for Receptive Impressionable Audience (TM).


COMING SOON to a Store near YOU

Paradigmaction Man! (under development, may be delayed).


DysFunctionMan! (project subject to cancellation without notice. All rights reserved).

Sod this, I've got a crick in my back (which is now trying to forcibly sodomisethe crick in my neck) after spending 3 hours typing this from my Bed (TM) (no room for a Chair in my Cell, which is, I notice, smaller than the one they've given Saddam Hussein). And the Keyboard is sticking, the OS is breaking down (again), and the billgatesing DVD burner has been producing nothing but coasters for the last week-and-a-half. I'm off to the Library Computer to Post this Unfinished Rant-phony and get some Fresh Air (in Extreme Moderation, as always, Pop Kids. Don't try this at home).


symphomaniacal drivel

nymphomaniacal dribble


I'll finish this Appalling Rant later (he threatened savagely)



"Plenty of Spit. Plenty of Tongue . . ." (Kim Newman)





Jay Superfluous


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Friday, May 20th, 2005
4:19 pm

Your Deadly Sins

Sloth: 60%

Greed: 40%

Wrath: 40%

Envy: 20%

Gluttony: 20%

Lust: 20%

Pride: 20%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: 31%

You will die while sleeping - and no one will notice.

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Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
12:49 pm
CBR Update
It seems unlikely that we will meet our deadline for the First Friday Of March.

So, unless another Venue rears its Desperate Head, the Plan is to Wait for the Friday Venue at the Mega Bar to Fail. Schadenfreude, or what?!

Incidentally, the Friday Thing does indeed have nothing to do with the Noise, to whom, all power & success. The Friday Thing is apparently Retro - directly opposite the Retro retro, strangely enough.

So we'll still be cruising for Other Locations - suggestions welcome! but with Adam working full-time-plus, me a crip, and both of us Seriously Poor, we're likely - at best - looking at April, at least . . . Sorry, PopKids!

Jay Superfluous-again-(sigh)

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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
1:02 pm
Carthage Black Radio
I will be Booting Up a new Clubb, First Episode ("Awakened/Unbound") on the First Friday in March.

It will be Called . . .


The Cost will be as Follows:

$7 with Invite or Pass.

$11 without Invite or Pass, but a Friend.

$23 for Known Enemies.

(this is because I do not Believe in Defining My Dialogue By Exclusion. S. G. & C. R. - & BrianFromDream - take note!)

The Ideas come First.

Then the Music.

Then, if you Must, the Druuuuugs . . .

The Music, Downstairs, will be Under the Control of Adam Lewes . . . so there will doubtless be an Unholy Amount of Placebo. He plans to play DarkPop, but I will Encourage him to Make Advances towards Emergent Mod.

The Downstairs Level will be Non-Vertiginous.

Upstairs, If&OnlyIf we get enough People, will be Presided Over by the One&Only D.J.ZuluDeathMask.

{ZuluDeathMask} (who, like Julius Caesar & Cerebus the Aardvark, prefers to refer to {him}self in the Third Person, but, like all Royalty, in the Plural, so, thus, in the Plural Third Person, not "We" but "They") - {They} will be playing Punk, Post-Punk & Emergent Goth.

The Top Floor will be Very Vertiginous. I might go as Far as to Suggest that the Upper Level will be Very Vertiginous Indeed.

We will Endeavour to Provide Barf Bags to those Subject to Existential Nausea. But Barf Bags seem Hard to Find around here, so we make no Guarantees . . .

There will be Balloons, for the Bursting Of.
Some of the Balloons will have Names.

We will attempt Photic Capture on the Dance-Floor.

We will Begin the Construction of a Matter Transmitter to Cabaret Nocturne. Don't worry, ThomasSlightly, this is Only Projected as a Monthly Club. Nothing (much) against You Personally . . .

(Though we will need Volunteers to Try Out the Matter Transmitter . . .)

There will be Two Queues.

One for Emergent Goths,
one for Everyone Else.

Houyhnhnms must be Bridled & Saddled.

Elephants get in Free! (if they can Fit through the Door . . .)

The Password and Countersign for Episode #1 . . . . ?

"Shannon entropy."


for the {(wo-?)Manage(wo-?)ment},

Jay D'Éspere
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